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Cade Cares is a grassroots effort founded by attorney Cade Parian. Cade was frustrated when he noticed almost every ad for attorneys was about taking, never giving. Cade founded Cade Cares to start a change, a change to give, not take. Check out our news for the latest "Cade Give Backs".


When Covid hit, Cade gave. Cade Cares donated over 1000 water bottles to County schools so that each athlete could have their own, keeping them safer during this pandemic. If we all join the movement, we can make a change.


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Sponsorships and scholarships
Building a Robot

Stem Camp


Cade and his firm, The Parian Law Group, will sponsor a student to attend STEM camp


The Education Equality Scholarship

Each year, a student enrolled in a secondary education program can qualify for a $1,000 sholarship.

Crowd Cheering

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Cade is passionate about helping communities grow. Please share with us any sponsorship opportunities. 


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